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The Emptyness
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Author:  BouncyNz [ Thu Sep 03, 2009 10:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Emptyness

Hi Becs and welcome, sorry to hear of your losses, I too am in Invercargill if you ever want to catch up or talk to someone local just pm me on here and I will give you my details

Author:  becs [ Fri Sep 11, 2009 2:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Emptyness

Hey, sorry its taken so long to reply, My sisters been down from oamaru visiting with her kids, Blair (3yr) and Olivia (15months) So ive been very busy being aunty and also celebrating my mums birthday and my grandads burial was on fathers day. busy busy!

We are going to burry Lillian on what was her due date so thats not till December 21st. I dont think we'll be doing much, Just a wee service with close family and a few poems read is all I want so not alot to organise.

Yeh we got to see her as much as we liked, couldnt hold her though. My parents and sister also came to see her and we had her blessed the morning after she was delivered and had our final goodbyes before being discharged.

Its hard to believe how bad some specialists can be!! Unbelievable to not know something as important as that!! Im glad to hear youve changed!

I also had a pathetic midwife, I seen her 1nce throughout everything and that one appointment she couldnt find bubs heartbeat and sent me for a scan.. 5hours later was the best she could do for an appointment, pretty much wrote us off after that, didnt give me my bloodtest form or make a next appointment just sent us on our way. Even though bub was fine at that point and had a nice strong heartbeat at the scan that she just couldnt pick up! and I havnt heard from her since 4 days before I delivered Lilly! I know I was sent to christchurch for the delivery but I was still suposed to recieve 4week aftercare from her once we arrived back home.

It must have been awful after going through all of that to also have to go to theatre! I was lucky enough to pass mine painfully, but naturally after they gave me an injection of something.

Yeh Ive got lots of support from my family and partner. Not so much from my friends I dont think they know what to say to me about it but I understand it must be hard for them to know what to say. and no we dont have sands down here, just a number to call. Hope you have heaps of support? Do you think you and your partner will try for another baby?

Hope all is well with you, Hear from you soon.

Author:  J&K [ Fri Sep 11, 2009 4:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Emptyness

How was it having kids around?

Yea i had a lil service when Ash was sent to get cremated... few poems. that was it. Haven't decided what to do with ashes yet.. will know when im ready.

See i held Ash, touched his lil fingers, lips everything, very hard tho. Git alot of photos, foot prints and hand prints. and i took him home with me.

I saw my midwife 2 times and i had to organise everything like tests and everything, u thought after she knew my history of abnormal and surgery she would of done more tests but didn't even both mentioning it.. which kinds sucs. There are some crapy midwives out there huh?
So SOrry. Have u not had any after care?? nothing?

One of the midwives tried to pul my plancenta out which is a no no apparently.. grrr. Lucky. Painfull birth?

Heaps, sands are very helpful. I want to try again now.. i want one so bad..

Take Care
Hear from you soon.
Private message me if u like.

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